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PATREON account!

For all my dear supporters, fans and followers. I created Patreon account in these days. Patreon account for me means a chance to become less dependent on commercial work. And thus the...

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Say hello!

New personal artwork inspired by one photo and John Park’s tutorial. I like sci-fi themes, huge structures and technology. But in this image all serve as a backdrop just for the atmosphere.

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Movie studies set 001

As an exercise I decided to paint movie scenes from the movies I’ve seen. It is just about the practice and studying the basic rules like light and shadow, composition, colors, perspective...

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SWP – Search for a corporal

Next illustration from my slowly growing project Strange Worlds.

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New digital illustration is done. First sketch I did almost before year when I came back from South America and when I found inspiring photo from Rickett & Sones. Just the personal project....

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Money laundering

Sometimes I do illustrations for newspapers or magazines. This is an illustration for Economia publishing to the article about money laundering through history to the present. It is just the sample of...

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Nanits Chronicles Artbook

Nanits Chronicles artbook. I did some concept artworks for this comics project. Technology design mostly – weapons, space station, shuttle, interiors… And now they are in the artbook together with another great...

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Dark Iceland – photobook

My photobook with 54 black&white photos from Iceland is finally done. I am happy with quality of reproduction. Printed with Saal digital.  

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7 Mages Artbook

Few samples from 7 Mages (fantasy dungeon game) collectors artbook. I got it today and it looks very nice. It is nice feeling to see my concepts and illustrations on the book...

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